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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 24, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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%-here.efinitely feeling festive good orning, i'm patrice harris.ú merry christmas to all of you the weather is going to help get you in the mood. meteorologist steve for ti fertú here to ttll us what christmas is llke.3 >> we will be able to tell them ú%urs early. duu to a system thattwe were speeking of yesterday.ú take aalooo at tte bigger picture across the coontry.3 u.s. iew so it shows the entire countty and the snow n midwestt that coold be movinn in our we do not eepecc to get anythinú %-that is through the woods andt grandmotherrs house it goes. it looks likk by tomorroo ú%teenoonn thaa has seeond -- it has the %-snow, but it's starting o trd out to sea, as far as the commuter models and less impact. mainly clear skies ut theree
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%-result. at the airport as a if you're heading yo out this morring,,andd raveling out this part of the country no concerns. definitely a little chilly when you faator in the winds out of the orthwest aa 10-15 miles per hour and gusting higher. it's going to feel likk tte temperatures are innthe teens instead. if you are going to school,3 because some of you still have ú day,, 9 degrees will be the temperature at theebuu stop. here isscandacc dold with the trafficcedge and n early merry christmas o you. >> an early meery chhistmas to you. i'm excited about this3 youumay be exxited of what ii we're dealing with a roken watermain in essex at hopeful now just be repared becauseú throughoot the aree because of the ttmperaturrs so loo, that iú what is causing it. -s for what is caassng it at 695, taaing a lookkat 665, there's no innidents to report and in fact, no cars n eether direction. outer loop lanee, it's the same
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%-533miles per hour.s to the same with an 8 minute clip to 795, and so ar so good rom 795, to 95, 12 minutes at 53 miles per hour. that's a look at thh more than e morning travels, atrice, back to you. the search continues this morning for ssveral suspects ii for a string of violent attacks. pplice say a new ketch could get thhm closer to an arrest. megan gilliland is live on the streets with the sketch ttey want youuto look out for. %-patrice, good morning to ll f you. police have revaaeddthis ketch a man they elieve is responsible for a violent attaak that happened on north ellwoo avenue nn fairmont. one and possibly morr than hh could be involved in. they believe he is out here ssmewhhre and they're aaking that you keep a close eye out for him. -e is a bback maa in his 20s,
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aaerage heighh and average complex. again, olice say he at least responsible for one robbery and shooting anooher man here on north elwood avenue at east fairroo avenue. >> i ean, i'm happyyhere. it's not oftennthat you find that the policc ggt a lead so quickly.3 and geeerally the neighbors are quiet and they don't wann to get involved, buu fortunately hat has changed, agaan, in our areaú people are getting involvvd. >> repprtte: so far police street robberies in thissarea in theepast two weekk. %-happennd on wednesday night o3 norrh lynwood near jeeferson street. if you no he anyyhhng, police do have a tipline o helppcatch the 1(855)223-0033.n call if you wan want to take another closer looo at this guy, go to
5:34 am -e northeast baltimore, mmgan gillillnd, foxx45 earry eddtton. an arrest is made in the attempted mmrderrof a co col con university. police arrested michael anthooy jjnes the 3rd at bwi airport. %-dunn as he was walking home,e. shooting himmand obbing him. police say thht jones was ccaaged with having a handgun in his vehicle earlier in month, but they're not sayinn at this ú%is point whether that handgun -n the look out for a man whoú%3 the man pulled up a gun and demanded money from the ttller. anyone with inforraaion is asked to call police. no charges willlbe filed for a wooan who gave alcohol to teens who wwre later involved in
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yinkos. irman is serving an 18 month sennenne for homicide and driving under the influunce. as for the woman, authorities saline dah stafsay lindaastaff 3 charges if she attends a panelú hosted bb motherr against drunk a city py out because of a mistake made bb baltimmreú police. the detaiis of $250,000 settlement are just coming out.3 shapirr was missakenll arresttd %-simmlar name.e detectiie was he uee the city and thousands %-settlement secret..3y kept the they sayythat it was at the request offthe victim, but shapiro says that is not true. p> there's a terrible mistake. to comppund that bb saying that
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we requested the confidentiality portion of the aggeement is >> the city insiiss they were >lots of people want to put3 off doing their taxes, now for some the irs is giving you a reason to do that. thhusands of americans will have toowait until february to fileú next yeer. the irs is delaying the filing period for thooe whoopaid high mmdical illss mortgage iiterest, or want to collect the change is as a result of new tax laws ecently passsd byy3 controvvrsial robo coos made on eeletion days had aal eyes on -ormer governor bbo ehrlich.ú now he is speaking outtdenyinn any involvemenn. >> relax,,everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch on t.v. tonight. democratic oters in baltiiore -ity. they were traced to julia3
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tenson, a campaign consultant that ehrlich paid durinn thee3 campaign. ehrlich says that his ampaign did not order robo calls from henson or anyone eese. ccty is rejected by tte city councii. while they said no tt that ban, %-voluntary smmking arees along theebeach and boardwalk. the council apppoved a ruue approviig smoking in ocean city parks which will be strongly enforccd. ca!!contaminated allha fa sprouts are being blamed for making people ssck. 11 states and the washington d.c. rea have been affected by salmonella in the sppouts. ú%e majority of those affecttdd3 reported eating prouts at jimmy john's. so far there's no reportedú deaths. a baatle is brewing betweenú
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lottery ticket they bbught struck gold. aal of them aree n a war to et their fair share of the ticket. onn persoo argued that he ú%cket so that friend shouldn'te deserve tt wii. -p>> now each person is lawyered up trying to cash out. for moneyyto end friendships. %-$1.1 million.m split the money well, it's going to be a warmer christmas for some cance3 uniiersity of maryland medicaa3 centerr membersscame together to wheel around a whole cart full of kniited blanket that they madeú theeselvee. >> to lettpeoole care. >> i've never done that -- >> really nice.
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>> well, the race to get home -or the holidays continues buzzing with travelers. for the first time in 6 months. we're eager just to get >> luckily for travelers lying in is out of baltimorr santa's got a big night aheaddoo him, but that doesn't mean he can't take a little time away to have some fun for himself. take a look at this. claus stopped? cammra for a little wind surfing %-it's hat kind of weather. -lt'' hope he didnnt catch a cold. he has a lott f work to do. it looks like ffu, though. share your happy holidays go to there you can watth our holiday storiee and soldier greeting.ú he withhwant you to send -- we3 want you to snd us your holiday
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whiih is more diificult, flying around the world overworking in malls? >> that may be your answer right there. we get a one-on-one with old we take a lookkat the old %-a few carsstravelinn and while they're traveling at top speeds -ere on christtas mooning. yyu're watching fox 455morning3 news ll local all morning. 3 @x@xx
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5:42 is the time on this christmas eve. it looks like no plans if -oo have travel plans. ccear skies, a few exceptions to the west, a couple of snow showers there. bacc toward the midwest, seeing moving through wisconsin and up toward minnesota nd illinois.ú somm of that activity mayybe like, perhaps for tomorrow ú%stem to the south and in the meantime this is what we got ut theree again the futtre scannmodelsú showing a chance of an afternoon or evening flurry tomorrrw, not3 expecting to see any accumulation. you can see that area starttng whht we have been watching that is the low pressure center that is over texas and may be headed in our general direccion for, it
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looks like sunday iito mondayy still the timeframe looks aaout -he same. we were talking about as the low moves up the coast ccooer to us. it can wraparound more mmisture fall. thh second ssstem weere ttlking about. the econd scenario with the system is ttat this moves out to sea further toward the east before it moves nnrth. i think thaa occurs in an ú%tsideechaace to the souuh and east of our area, we see some that is beginning to look more likely for ssnday into monday which means less impact of hat system. 35 degrees for the temperature in baltimore. 31 in c., 33 in salisbury, 37 in hague evers town and 1!!!hhggrs. onny in ooklann. you will get to threrch degreesr the high. tonight 25 deggees ffr theyy
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oveenight low. wiih a northwest wind at 5--itch miles er hour. for christmassday 36 degrees with a few fllrriis around due3 midweet. and then we will talk bout the chance for a little bit morr snow onnsunday into monday. we doo't want to let our guards %dwn even though it appearssto ú%vement of that low further toward the west. in which caae we will get more and temperatuuesswill be cold enough near freezing.ú for wednesday and thurrday. up now we do need to check in with ccndace dold who will let you know what it looks like on those rradways.ú %-edge report. at the traffic candace.ú>> reportee: thank yo, steve. in factt reallyynot too much tol speeds. and on the beltway travelingú thrrugh pikesville, att63 and 61 near seeurity oulevard. we o have ind warnings that arr in effect, though, travellng
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across 695, that is he key bridge. make sure to hold on to the %-no incidents to report,,thoug. %-watermain at hopeful avenue. %-the aree, beccuse ow we'regh dealing ith icy conditions. as for what it looksslike on3 let's take a live look at 6ú informm there's nothing too complain about. %-things look good onn895 as we. traveling through baltimmre at %-let's take -- a donald street. justtttaveling aa op speed.ú 95 is in the green travelinn in ú-fort mcheeryytunnee towardú evennually oward the beetwwy..3 thhtt' a look at morningss3 commutee -ack too ou. cominggup in sports, navv goes for its 10th win. highlightssin its game against %-be in santa's ssoes?am.
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a look t thh man behind3 chrissmas. 5:44 is the time. 33
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good child's home ttnight acros3 the world. to deal every dayy %-behind the man bbhind chriitm. >> eporter: gllves, cheek, bells,,check. these boots can't be fillld by jjst anyoneeú >> merry christmas to you, >> reporter: thhs is a oment he as dreamed of ll yearlongg some re reaay for it. >> i wwnt a video game. >> reporter: many are not. >> he is sually pretty goodd3 with people buu i guess the whole outfit kind of scared him. >> don't taae it personally. >> he was going to scream. >> parentssteaah their kidd not to talk oostrangers and thee
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how strange caa you get? you on strange can a person get3 >> reporter: talk about a strange life. and driven 215 miles to be the man. >> that was easy, one it. i retired a couple of years ago so i could do thhs full-timee and it's my lifeenow. p> everybody say, cheese. >> reporter: ii comee with many privileges like being aale to understand a child's almost foreign language.3 >> a truck. >> a truck. all right.3 jasmine, huh. jolliness in the face of anything is a perk, too. >> even if you're feeling down, of a sudden, t's just -- you ú%sttpop back up again. >> reporter: it isn't alwaas christmas trees or candy canes for santa claus, either. the first tiim this stan aú
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clause wasssittin!!!santa claust was cheating on her mommy. experiences. -t almost kept me from doing santa anybody. -> rrpooter: what do you say >> it's ooe thing, too.ú %-you try to be sooeone committ. i hope you get that wwsh. >> reporter: the same goes for that naughty list. $5 outtof his christmas moneyys3 i could buyya toy or somebooy else. >> reporter: better than them.s of the season, all off >> i really, reaaly love doing thii. >> ccming to visit santa, wasn't
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that dad, was it? ravens are one win away from a spot in the playoffs. a look ahead to this weekendds we have three more preeents to give away i from under our te as our wrap u countdown forrchrs wraps ucht sta!! %3
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i'm kristen berset with first on monday, the qualcoom stadium.
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was unde underwater, but the rs worked overnight to make the field as good as possible. look at that.ú ú%own sheds one mid tackle and runs the est on the mid-sewn on brown has six catches for first quarter. second quarter, navy responds, rickyyunloads a perfect pass to the end zone for greg jones. mid-doon 7. navy with no town out from tth3 naay trails by 7 at tte half. 3rd quaater, ma navy going for it. lawson but he can't make the catch. take another looo, navy still doww 7. firss play the 4th quurter, linly with a beautiful play.
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pulls uu with a wide oppn -onnie. and they beat navy 35-14 ii the they ose out to back-tt-bacc to bigger and betttr thhnns? big christmas present his weekend. they're one week away from clinching a spot in the the raaensstravel to cleveland with the win, ake eeie is expected to be a cold and windy day. e. but pittsburgh pulls a tie breaker with a bettee reeord so the ravens are in position to take the 5th pllyoff spot. they can clench with a win either this week or the next3 %-ravens wwuud rrtherrbe done. >> all we have to do thissweekú is o to cleveland and win. i think the excitement is that. the excitemenn is that.
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this team has bben through so much and we have fought so ard. for us to o into cllveland right nnw t looks ike the are right now, i think it's an exciting time for us. has bben working hard tt get his life back on track. ed block courage award. the honor is given to a player who exemmpifies he commitment to sportsmanship and ccorage. stallworth was suspended all of last qea season. %-troubllece stayed out of ú%ddthaa is a ook t morning sports. i'm kristen berset, fox 45 dediiateddravens fan. this photo wasssent in to us, by %-louiss is a oyal ravens fanw
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out. go to foxbaltimmre.ccm andd3 section. coming up in our 6:00 hour, the president repeals the controversial don't askk don't what questions are still ppnding. verizon 4glte.
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